Many of my clients struggle with depression, anxiety, mood, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, addictions in self or others, trauma, illness, chronic pain, grief, stages of life, and stressful social conditions. In addition to tending these common concerns, I often focus on…

  • Traumatic narcissistic abuse and facilitating post-traumatic growth and self-development.

  • Creativity, in all it gifts and guises at any age or stage.

  • Social conditions may include adjusting to relocation, loneliness, social injustice, social alienation, or disillusionment.

  • Stage of life issues may include considering intimate commitments, having a baby or raising children, empty nesting, aging vs. becoming an elder, care-giving for family members, or career and work conflicts. Stage of life issues are less linear than they used to be and that can create stress, confusion, anxiety, or depression.

  • Children, adolescents, and teens with anxiety or depression or who are struggling in life, relationships, or school for a variety of reasons.